How your healthcare team can help

Your healthcare team can help you in a number of ways with the increased stress from living with chronic pain.

First, with your permission, your healthcare team can communicate with your family members, teachers or professors, coaches or employers about the nature of your pain and how it impacts you. They can work with you to advocate for accommodations in your home, school or workplace to help you keep up with important activities, even while pain persists.

Second, your healthcare team can teach you how to prioritize your many commitments and manage your energy so that you are able to make it through your full day. They will work with you to find a new daily or weekly schedule that is feasible and allows time for things you enjoy, which is more important than ever in times of high stress. They can also help you to learn strategies to handle when other people do not understand or believe your pain.

Third, your healthcare team can communicate your information with your other healthcare providers to reduce the time spent repeating what has happened in other appointments each time you meet someone else. This allows you to better save your energies for the things that will help most in your pain recovery.

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