Chronic pain and communication

Why is communication so important when you have chronic pain?

Communication is one of the most complicated aspects of being human. It can be both incredibly rewarding and incredibly difficult. Our relationships with those around us influence and are affected by how we communicate.

While communication a big part of everyone’s lives, it can be even more important when living with a chronic condition. Having chronic pain can challenge your beliefs and your relationships and change what you feel is important.

Being able to communicate with people in your life about your chronic pain is extremely important. Talking about the challenges and changes that come with chronic pain can help you sort out your feelings, relieve stress and strengthen relationships.

Communication also helps you to stay informed about your pain and treatment so that you can be a part of making decisions that affect you. How you talk with people about your pain will depend on your own personality and level of comfort.

Communicating in person and in writing

Speaking in person can sometimes feel more difficult, but it is often most effective because people are able to hear your tone of voice, see your body language and ask for clarification. Written communication (including texting or posting on social media) does not convey tone or emotion very effectively. As a result, it can be easier to misinterpret. When it comes to communicating online, either with friends or on public pages, keep in mind that anything can easily be reposted even if you have high privacy settings on your own account. A good rule is not to post anything online that you would not post publicly.

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